Jessica C. 產後極速修身 JC嫌未夠弗

產後極速修身 JC嫌未夠弗




自從今年3月23日為未婚夫安志杰(Andy)誕下8磅B女Tessa後,Jessica C.不時於ig晒一家三口幸福照,早前JC更帶埋女兒跟媽媽三代同堂賀母親節,真係好溫馨!雖然湊B勁忙,但JC亦不忘keep弗以保持最佳狀態,希望盡快復出搵奶粉錢!

日前佢留言:「Ok it’s time to get my body back. It’s been about a month and a half since I gave birth to my baby girl and I have been slacking on exercising. Still about 10 lbs heavier than I was before getting pregnant. Not that worried about the weight but I DEFINITELY need to tone up. Since my excuse has been that I don’t have enough time to go to the gym, I’ve decided to get a few things to enhance my work outs at home. Summer is basically here and I love to swim and be out in the sun, but I’m cringing at the thought of wearing a bikini. Hope this body rock weighted vest helps amplify my at home work outs! Let’s do this!」內容大概指為照顧B女已一個多月冇做運動,為減約十磅,會勤於家中邊湊B邊做運動,又話雖然夏天已到,但暫時唔敢穿比堅尼示人!唔係嘛,咁都未夠弗晒body!?